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Nazi admiral Adolf von Trotha.

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Adolf von Trotha
Adolf von Trotha was an admiral in the Kaiserliche Marine.

Adolf von Trotha (March 1, 1868-October 11, 1940) was an admiral in the Kaiserliche Marine.


Adolf von Trotha was the third son of Karl von Trotha (1834-1870), who fell in the Franco-German war, when his son was only two years old.

Trotha married Anna von Veltheim (15 January 1877 - 8 August 1964) on 4 June 1902, the daughter of Fritz von Veltheim and Elizabeth von Krosigk.

Military career/development

Adolf von Trotha entered the imperial navy in 1886 as an officer candidate and was promoted to Leutnant zur See in 1891. He served as a commander of the torpedo boat D3 and as a Navigations officer on the small cruiser SMS Seeadler.

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