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Alfred Baeumler: philosophers in Nazi Germany.

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Alfred Baeumler was a German philosopher and pedagogue.
Alfred Baeumler was a German philosopher and pedagogue.

Alfred Baeumler (November 19, 1887 - March 19, 1968), was a German philosopher and pedagogue, faculty from 1924 to 1933 in the Technische Universitšt Dresden.

Baeumler was born at Neustadt an der Tafelfichte, Northern Bohemia. He was one of the most important philosophers in Nazi Germany, and one of the leading interpret of Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophy as legitimizing Nazism - a misinterpretation denounced post-war. In his courses on Nietzsche, published post-war, Martin Heidegger maintained his praise of "Baeumler's judicious reading" of Nietzsche. He died at Eningen unter Achalm, near Reutlingen.

His books were translated in Italian in the late 1990s by the Edizioni di Ar, a far-right publishing house founded in 1963 by Franco Freda, a neo-fascist condemned to 15 years of imprisonment for "subversive association" and involvement in several bombings

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