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Astronomical symbols represent various celestial objects.

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Astronomical symbols.
Chinese astronomical symbols on an antique bronze mirror.

Astronomical symbols are symbols used to represent various celestial objects, theoretical constructs and observational events in astronomy. Astronomical symbols listed here are commonly used by professional and amateur astronomers. Many of the astronomical symbols are shared with western astrology. Astronomical symbols uses multiple variant forms.

namesymbolUnicodeimageRepresented by image
Mercury U+263F Mercury Mercury's winged helmet and caduceus
Venus U+2640 Venus Venus' hand mirror
Earth U+2295 Earth globe with Equator and a meridian
Mars U+2642 Mars Mars' shield and spear
Jupiter U+2643 Jupiter Jupiter's thunderbolt or eagle
Saturn U+2644 Saturn Saturn's sickle or scythe
Uranus     Uranus From a symbol for platinum, a combination of the symbols for Mars and the Sun
Neptune U+2646 Neptune Neptune's trident
Dwarf planets
namesymbolUnicodeimageRepresented by image
Ceres Ceres Handle-down sickle; cf. the handle-up sickle symbol of Saturn
Pluto U+2647 Pluto PL monogram for Pluto and Percival Lowell
Eris No symbol Unlikely to gain an official symbol
namesymbolUnicodeimageRepresented by image
2 Pallas Pallas Modified symbol for female?
3 Juno Juno Peacock (totem of Juno).
4 Vesta Vesta Hearth or fire-altar.
5 Astraea Anchor (inverted), or possibly scales of justice.
6 Hebe Cup
7 Iris Rainbow with star under it (asteroid means star-like)
8 Flora Stylised flower
9 Metis Eye, with star above it (Asteroid means star-like)
10 Hygeia Rod of Asclepius
Other Celestial Bodies
namesymbolUnicodeimageRepresented by image
Sun U+2609 Sol Solar symbol
Moon U+263D First quarter moonLast quarter Moon A crescent moon
Other Symbols
namesymbolUnicodeimageRepresented by image
comet U+2604
ascending node U+260A
descending node U+260B
conjunction U+260C
opposition U+260D

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