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Eugen Hadamovsky.

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Eugen Hadamovsky was an early Nazi supporter.
Eugen Hadamovsky was an early Nazi supporter.

Eugen Hadamovsky was an early Nazi supporter, and shortly after the Nazi takeover, he served as the National Programming Director for German radio and in a variety of other posts during most of World War II. He served as chief of staff in the Nazi Party's Central Propaganda Office (Reichspropagandaleitung) in Berlin from 1942-1944. In addition he authored several propaganda books, the most significant of which was "Propaganda and National Power" (1933), the only book treating the general principles of propaganda published during the Third Reich. Other books include "World History on the March", which was published just before the invasion of Poland, and applauded the Third Reich in general and the recent return of the Memel district (Hitler's last negotiated territorial gain) previously lost to Lithuania after World War. Goebbels' was not entirely pleased with Hadamovsky, as is evident by his many references in Goebbels' diaries. Toward the end of the war, Hadamovsky joined the 4th SS Polizei Division and died in combat as an Obersturmführer on the Eastern Front early in March 1945 near Rummelsburg.

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