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Hermann Julius Hofle.

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Hermann Julius Hofle
Hermann Hofle was deputy to Odilo Globocnik in the Aktion Reinhard program.

Hermann Julius Hofle (June 19, 1911 - August 20, 1962) was an SS-Sturmbannfuhrer (major). He was deputy to Odilo Globocnik in the Aktion Reinhard program.

Born in Salzburg, Austria, Hofle joined the NSDAP on August 1, 1933, with a party number 307,469. After the conquest of Poland, he served in Nowy Sacz, in Southern Poland. In November 1940 he served as an overseer of a Jewish labour camp southeast of Lublin. Up to December 1941 Hofle was in Mogilew, Russia.

He was involved in deportations to the camps of Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka. He lived and worked from the Aktion Reinhard headquarters with the Julius Schreck Barracks, Ostland Strasse, in Lublin. Hofle also played a key role in the "Harvest Festival" massacre of Jewish inmates of the various labour camps in the Lublin district in early November 1943; approximately 42,000 Jews were murdered during this operation. Hofle rejoined Globocnik in Trieste, after various missions in the Netherlands and Belgium.

After the war, he was interned by the British, but was released. For only a brief period of time he worked in the Gehlen organization. He was eventually arrested, but committed suicide by hanging in a Vienna prison cell before his trial could begin.

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