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Solar system objects by orbit of their planets and moons.

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Solar system objects by their orbit. By orbit means by mass and by radius. See also: solar system. Following is a list of solar system objects by their orbit, ordered by increasing distance from the Sun. Most named solar system objects in this list have a diameter of 500 km or more.

Solar System.
Objects orbiting in the solar system objects.
  • The Sun, (Sol), a spectral class G2V star.
  • The inner solar system and the terrestrial planets
    • Mercury
      • Mercury-crosser asteroids.
    • Venus
      • Venus-crosser asteroids
        • Venus' quasi-satellite.
    • Earth
      • Moon (Luna)
        • Possible Kordylewski Cloud.
      • Near-Earth asteroids.
      • Earth-crosser asteroids
        • Earth's quasi-satellites.
    • Mars .
    • Asteroid belt and surrounds
      • Ceres, a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt.
      • Asteroids in the main asteroid belt, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter
        • 2 Pallas.
        • 3 Juno.
        • 4 Vesta.
        • Asteroids number in the hundreds of thousands. For longer lists, see list of noteworthy asteroids, list of asteroids, or list of objects by mass.
      • A number of smaller groups distinct from the Main Belt.
      • Asteroid moons.

The solar system also contains:

  • Comets (icy bodies with eccentric orbits).
    • List of periodic comets.
    • List of non-periodic comets.
  • Small objects, including:
    • Meteoroids.
    • dust, including interstellar dust.
      • Helium Focusing Cone, around the Sun.
      • gegenschein.
    • Manmade objects orbiting the Sun, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Saturn including active artificial satellites and space junk.
  • Heliosphere, a bubble in space produced by the solar wind.
    • Heliosheath
      • Heliopause.
      • Hydrogen wall, a pile up of hydrogen from the interstellar medium.

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