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Ludolf von Alvensleben.

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Ludolf von Alvensleben
Ludolf von Alvensleben.

Ludolf von Alvensleben (March 17, 1901, Halle - March 17, 1970) was a Nazi official with the rank of SS-Gruppenführer and Major General of the police (1943).

Von Alvensleben became a member of the German Reichstag in 1933; on April 5, 1934, he became commander of the 46th SS-standard in Dresden. Later on, von Alvensleben was made first adjutant of the Reichsführer SS, as well as chief of the German police; his career continued with appointments to commander of the SS and police in Crimea and commander of the Selbstschutz (self-defense) of the Reichsgau Danzig-West Prussia. During his command mass executions and atrocities took place, with over 4,000 Poles murdered by early October, and German officials reporting up to 20,000 Poles "destroyed" in the end.

After the war, he fled to Argentina, never being brought to account for his role in murdering Poles in West Prussia.

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