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Otto von Stuelpnagel German military commander of France.

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Otto von Stülpnagel (16 June 1878 - 6 February 1948) was the German military commander of France during the Second World War.

He was born in Berlin. He was an opponent of the plan to eliminate the world's Jewish population - despite his beliefs that the French Resistance was made up primarily of Jews - claiming he felt it betrayed and tarnished the German reputation.

He committed suicide in his prison cell in Paris while awaiting trial for war crimes in 1948.

He was the brother of General Edwin von Stülpnagel, the cousin of Carl-Heinrich von Stülpnagel, and an acquaintance of Colonel Otto Speidel.


You're too impetuous. Believe me, neither of us will ever see German tanks in operation in our lifetime. -Stülpnagel's advice to a young Heinz Guderian

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