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SAS Black Ops Al-Qaeda Dawn by PM Crowley.

Ten Years Since The Revolution at Amazon.

SAS Black Ops at Amazon.
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SAS Black Ops - Amazon ebook for Kindle.
High-octane SAS novel by PM Crowley.

On September 11th an al-Qaeda cell intends to launch a callous, premeditated attack of mass murder at Heathrow airport. They intend to make a political statement by slamming a hijacked aircraft with hundreds of innocent people on board into an unknown target, possibly a nuclear power station, on the British mainland. As MI5 and Special Branch closely monitor the terrorist cell, a second al-Qaeda team arrive. MI5 have to make a quick decision, split their resources in two or take a chance and let them run. With no prior knowledge of what's about to happen on the other side of the pond, they decide to let them run. Bad call! With the Heathrow team safely apprehended, and a D Notice placed on the media, British Military Intelligence considers their efforts enough to protect the people of the United Kingdom. How wrong they'll be proved. Once news of the cowardly, indiscriminate attacks on the Twin Towers in the US start to filter through, MI5 realise their mistake. With their only credible agent in Afghanistan down, and no more information available, British Intelligence decide to send in a team to retrieve as much intelligence as possible.

MI5 contact one of their Black Ops personnel. Jonny Davies, an ordinary guy, with extraordinary talents is asked to undertake an exceptional mission to liberate the information MI5 need if they're to stop the other terrorist cell before they can act against British targets. Reluctant to go at first, Ex-SAS Sergeant Davies is persuaded with a million pounds to go; but he'll only accept the job if he can take a team with him. Even Jonny Davies won't do the Afghan run on his own. MI5 have no choice, it's accept Davies' terms or do it themselves.

In this warts and all novel we see the raw nature of ordinary men pushed to the extreme. Davies will use any means necessary to achieve his objective. Against international law, he's driving into Afghanistan in a large white 4x4 with UN markings, flying a UN flag and Irish tricolour. It's what Jonny Davies does; he lies, cheats, bluffs, brides and chances his luck. And if that doesn't work, he embraces the extreme alternative of military fire-power. He locks and loads and shoots whatever's in front of him. Once inside Afghanistan fire-fights with bandits, tribal factions and drugs runners soon follow. When he and his team reach Jalalabad they're expected to infiltrate the Devil's lair, immobilise the guards with a blade, enter the compound, extract the information and then blow the compound to smithereens. MI5 want it to look as though a US air strike has destroyed the place, and thus act on the information retrieved without al-Qaeda being any the wiser.

Back home, and with the mission complete, Jonny Davies and his team look forwards to a big pay-day, only to find MI5 have an extended agenda. If the boys want paying, they'll have to go morally, a lot further than they've already been. What price a man's conscience? Would you kill for your country? Would you kill innocent women and children for your country? Unarmed civilians? This is what the British Secret Intelligent Service will ask Davies and his team to do if they want paying. On the horns of a dilemma the boys will have to make a difficult choice, commit an act of murder for the State, or wave their wages goodbye. What would you do? Honestly!

SAS Black Ops - Al-Qaeda Dawn Available to download for Amazon Kindle.

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