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Wilhelm Schepmann was a Nazi SA officer.

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Wilhelm Schepmann (June 17, 1894-July 26, 1970) was a SA officer (Obergruppenführer) in Nazi Germany.

He succeeded Viktor Lutze as Stabschef SA after Lutze was killed in a car accident. He began working to restore the morale within and the esteem of the SA and also began cooperating with the SS. He stated, "I will support the Waffen-SS just as much as any other part of the armed forces. The Waffen-SS has been heroic."

Schepmann managed to have units in the Heer (Panzerkorps Feldherrnhalle), Kriegsmarine, and Luftwaffe (Jagdgeschwader 6 Horst Wessel) given SA honour titles, and even a Waffen-SS division (18. SS Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadier-Division Horst Wessel).

An article in the November 24th, 1952 edition of Time magazine mentioned Schepmann being elected to a legislative seat in the Lower Saxony region of West Germany

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