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Stars collapse into black holes.

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Stars collapse into black holes.
Stars collapse into black holes.

Carbon - Oxygen Stars Explode as Gamma Ray Bursts.

An international team of Astronomers have found evidence that certain kinds of gamma-ray bursts, which are associated with Type 1C supernovae (aka hypernovae), could be caused when carbon/oxygen stars collapse into black holes. Type 1C supernovae occur when massive stars shed their outer layers of Hydrogen and helium, or lose them to binary companions. As it collapses, material blasts out the top and bottom in powerful jets. The team was able to confirm this model by using Keck and the Subaru telescope to analyze a recent hypernova that matched their predictions perfectly.

Space Shuttle Discovery Getting an Upgraded Fuel Tank.

The Space Shuttle Discovery has returned to NASA's massive Vehicle Assembly Building to get a new, modified external fuel tank for its upcoming mission. The redesigned fuel tank has a heater on board that should help to minimize frost and ice buildup that could fall off and strike the shuttle during launch. Discovery will roll back out to the launch pad in mid-June, carrying its Italian-built Multi-Purpose Logistics Module Raffaello. NASA is targeting to launch Discovery on July 13, 2005.

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