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Expedition 11 landed safely in the steppes of Kazakhstan Monday.

Expedition 11 Kazakhstan.
Expedition 11 landed safely in the steppes of Kazakhstan Monday morning.

Expedition 11 Returns to Earth.

The crew of Expedition 11 landed safely in the steppes of Kazakhstan Monday morning, after spending 179 days on board the International Space Station. Space tourist Greg Olsen was also in in the Soyuz TMA capsule, having spent a week in space. The recovery team reached the crew within minutes, and found them safe and healthy. There was an unexpected loss of communications with the Soyuz while it reentered the Earth's atmosphere, but communications were reestablished, and there were no other problems with the landing.

Cryosat Launch Fails.

ESA officials have confirmed that the Cryosat mission smashed into the Arctic ocean minutes after launch on Saturday. It was launched on board a Rockot vehicle - a converted SS-19 intercontinental ballistic missile - from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia. The 135m euro satellite was designed to monitor ice thickness around the planet. Another version of the satellite may be constructed.

Gravity Probe B Wraps Up Observations.

After 17 months of productive data collection, NASA's Gravity Probe B satellite has gathered all the data it needs to pronounce Einstein right or wrong. The probe was launched in April 2004, with four spherical gyroscopes designed to test two of Einstein's predictions about General Relativity: how the Earth's gravity warps space, and how its rotation drags space around with it. scientists will now spend about a year analyzing the data before presenting their conclusions.

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