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Cassini spacecraft took this image of Pandora.

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Cassini spacecraft took this image of Pandora.

Portrait of Pandora in the Rings.

NASA's Cassini spacecraft took this image of Pandora, orbiting just beyond Saturn's F ring. Pandora is only 84 km (52 miles) across. This image was taken on February 18, 2005, when the spacecraft was 1.2 million km (746,000 miles) away from Pandora. Cassini will make a much closer to approach to Pandora on September 5, when it comes within 31,600 km of the small moon.

Solar Eclipse.

There will be a total solar eclipse next Friday, but unless you're floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you'll have to settle for a partial view. The Moon's shadow will touch down Southeast of New Zealand, and then make its way across the Pacific Ocean, briefly crossing Central America. Most of the South Pacific, and North/South America will see a partial solar eclipse, depending on their distance from the path of totality.

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