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Dark Energy Survey will collect data on 300 million galaxies.

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Dark Energy.
Dark Energy Survey will collect data on 300 million galaxies.

Greece joins European Space Agency.

Officials announced on Tuesday that Greece has formally become the 16th country to join the European Space Agency. The country's Hellenic National Space Committee had been participating with the ESA since the 1990s, exchanging information, fellowship awards and access to databases and laboratories, but it only applied for official inclusion in 2003.

Dark energy survey of 300 million galaxies.

A new astronomical survey is in the works to help uncover the source of the mysterious Dark energy which is accelerating the expansion of the Universe. Set to begin in 2009, the Dark energy Survey will collect data on approximately 300 million galaxies, reaching back two-thirds of the history of the Universe. A 520-megapixel camera will be installed onto the 4-metre Blanco telescope at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile, allowing Astronomers to survey the sky 10 times faster than they could before.

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