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There are two minor meteor showers and planets to explore.

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Planets to explore.
two minor meteor showers and planets to explore.

Planets to explore: this week - Mar 14 - 20, 2005.

While the Moon will figure prominently in this week's scheme, there will be many occultations to view as well as lunar features. We'll return to visit both the M50 and M44, as well as learn about double star - Algieba There are two minor meteor showers and planets to explore. So grab your binoculars and telescopes, because...

Here's what's up!

Mars rover sees a dust devil on Mars.

NASA's Spirit rover has been fortunate enough this week to spot a tiny dust devil scurrying across the surface of Mars. The various orbiters have seen crisscrossing dust devil tracks, but this is the first time one has been captured on camera from the surface. It also appears that Spirit was recently dusted off by one of these mini-twisters, cleaning off accumulations of dust, and boosting its available power for operations. This also happened a few months ago to Spirit's twin, Opportunity.

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