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Recent discoveries on Mars.

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Mini-detector could find anthrax at the airport.

Recent discoveries on Mars such as methane in the atmosphere, a subterranean ice pack near the equator, and evidence of flowing water in the planet’s past brings new speculation to the most frequently asked questions about the Red Planet: Is there, or was there ever life on Mars?

Are we alone in the universe?

The chances are very high that you will encounter another intelligent life-form in the course of your life and when you do it may come as a big surprise. When, for instance, did you last visit the zoo? Remember those chimpanzees - very smart. And how about those dolphins at the marine aquarium? Brilliant! And that cat of yours is probably smarter than you think - but your dog will never admit it. Finally that grey parrot your Uncle Ned has may actually know what its talking about! Ultimately by paying attention to signs of intelligence on Earth, we may also come to recognize signs of intelligence amongst the stars.

Sea launch delivers XM-3 to orbit.

A Zenit-3SL rocket roared up from Sea Launch this morning, delivering a replacement satellite for XM satellite Radio. The rocket lifted off at 0351 GMT (10:51 pm EST Monday), and the XM-3 satellite reached its geosynchronous transfer orbit about an hour later. The launch had been delayed several times because of poor weather and ocean conditions at the launch site in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Supply ship blasts off with special camera.

The 17th Progress cargo ship blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome yesterday, carrying two tonnes of supplies for the International Space Station and a special camera designed to inspect the Space Shuttle for damage. The Progress should reach the station by Wednesday, and dock in afternoon. The previous cargo ship, now filled with garbage, was detached from the station on Sunday, and will reenter and burn up in the Earth's atmosphere on March 9.

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