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Near-Earth asteroid.

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Earth asteroid.

Dr. David J. Tholen answers your asteroid questions.

A few days ago we asked you to send in your Near-Earth asteroid questions for Dr. David J. Tholen from the University of Hawaii, Institute for Astronomy. With the current full moon brightening the night sky, he's got a little extra time on his hands, and rushed the answers back to us. What are the chances of an asteroid strike in our lifetime? How could we exploit asteroid minerals? Read on for his answers. Thanks to everyone who got involved, and to The Thorn from the forum Community Support team for organizing this interview.

Views of Titan from Earth.

When Huygens plunged through Titan's atmosphere last month, the biggest Telescopes here on Earth were trained on the moon. Some of the best images ever taken of Titan from Earth have been released by the European Southern Observatory. Since these images aren't constrained by the brief Cassini flybys, they can give scientists a better perspective of Titan's over a longer period. The images were taken at a specific wavelength of light that pierces through the methane haze surrounding Titan to show some of its surface features, which scientists can match up to Cassini's images.

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