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Our Planet was once covered in ice.

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Our Planet.
Our Planet encased under ice and snow.

Was There a Slushball Earth?.

With the "Snowball Earth" hypothesis, scientists have proposed that our planet was once encased under a thick layer of ice and snow. Life could only survive huddled around hot vents deep under water. But now scientists have found fossil evidence of creatures that lived during this period, but were photosynthesizing. This means they needed to live under thin enough ice for sunlight to get through. It's possible that the entire planet wasn't encased in ice, instead there were large patches of thin ice, or even open water near the equator.

Spiral Galaxy NGC 1350.

The European Southern Observatory's Very Large telescope took this incredible image of Galaxy NGC 1350, which is located 85 million light years away in the Fornax constellation. Astronomers classify it as an Sa(r) type galaxy, which means it's a barred spiral with two central regions. It is 130,000 light years across, so it's a little larger than our own Milky Way.

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