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Visible light in the Universe comes from.

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Visible light in the Universe comes from.
Visible light in the Universe comes from.

Where Does Visible Light Come From?

It's amazing thing but many amateur Astronomers (and possibly the occasional professional as well!) don't have the big picture on where the bulk of the visible light in the universe comes from. "Sure" you say, "from the stars!" Ah but that's the easy answer. In fact the more you learn about light, the less straightforward such an answer becomes. In this article, Jeff Barbour probes a little deeper and the implications could light the way to an extraordinarily new appreciation for the "star stuff" seen all around us.

Virtual LM - Book Review: lunar module.

The lunar module brought two men from an orbit about our Moon onto the moon's surface and then back into the lunar orbit. Though fairly simple to describe, this craft encompassed many firsts and delved into realms never before experienced by humankind. Scott Sullivan, in his book '', unravels the technology of this spaceship and its constituent parts using hundreds of different visual plates. Not as complex or detailed as engineering schematics but smoothed and coloured for clarity and understanding, these views provide a vivid, easily comprehensible, in-depth perspective of this first true spacecraft for humankind.

Microbes Use Hydrogen for Fuel in Yellowstone.

A team of Colorado University researchers has uncovered bacteria that primarily use Hydrogen as their fuel source in the colourful hot springs of Yellowstone National Park. Bacteria, such as salmonella, have been uncovered which use Hydrogen for fuel before, but nobody expected this was happening in the intense heat of the hot springs. By using very sensitive detectors, they discovered that there's a constant supply of Hydrogen being delivered to the bacteria from hydrothermal vents. Hydrogen is the most common element in the Universe, and finding bacteria that consumes it in extreme conditions further expands the places life could potentially gain a foothold.

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