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Iron meteorites here on Earth.

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Iron meteorites here on Earth.
Iron meteorites here on Earth.

Opportunity Finds an Iron Meteorite.

NASA's Opportunity rover has discovered a meteorite on the surface of Mars, near the wreckage of its heat shield. The pitted object is about the size of a basketball, and contains mostly iron and nickel. Stoney meteorites are much more common than iron meteorites here on Earth, so it's possible that many of the "rocks" the rovers have seen could actually be meteorites. If it turns out that meteorites are common, it will tell scientists quite a bit about how quickly the region has eroded.

Brown Dwarfs are Heavier Than Previously Thought.

Astronomers have used the European Southern Observatory's Very Large telescope (VLT) to watch a small, faint companion as it orbits around a larger star. By measuring its orbit, the Astronomers have been able to estimate that its mass is 93 times that of Jupiter. This is much less than a normal star, but twice as heavy as predicted by theory. If these brown dwarfs and free floating extrasolar planets are heavier than expected, then Astronomers have been overestimating the number of them in the Universe.

Perspective View of Claritas Fossae.

The European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft took this image of Claritas Fossae, a series of linear fractures located in the Tharsis region of Mars. It's located on the Tharsis rise, which is south of the three large volcanoes known as the Tharsis Montes. It has linear fractures up to 150 km (93 miles) across, which were created when the whole Tharsis region bulged up several kilometres. The smooth surfaces are places where the area was covered by lava flows.

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