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Solar storms and cosmic rays.

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Spaceflight radiation damage.
One of the hazards of human spaceflight is the radiation damage of solar storms and cosmic rays.

Some Parts Need More Protecting from Radiation.

One of the hazards of human spaceflight is the radiation damage of solar storms and cosmic rays. But it turns out the different parts of the human body are more susceptible to radiation than others. Although the best protection would be to get under cover, like in a spacecraft, future spacesuits could have extra radiation protection for specific areas of the body, like the hips (to prevent bone marrow damage).

Launcher Caused Cryosat Failure.

A preliminary investigation by the Russian Failure Investigation State Commission has determined that a flight control system in the Rockot's Breeze upper stage caused the loss of the ESA's Cryosat satellite. The failure occurred when the Breeze didn't generate the command to shut down the second stage's engines. The Commission will present its detailed findings on November 3, 2005 to Eurorockot and the European Space Agency.

When Did the Earth's Core Separate from its Shell?

Geologists have come up with two measurements of radioactive decay to calculate when the Earth's core separated from its crust, but the problem is, these two numbers don't match. Researchers from the University of Bristol think that the giant collision that occurred early on in Earth's history - which went on to form the Moon - might have reset one of these "countdown clocks" and created the discrepancy.

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