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Earth, Io, and maybe even Mars.

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Earth, Io, Mars.
Earth, Io, and maybe even Mars.

Reull Vallis region of Mars.

The European Space Agency's Mars Express took this image of Reull Vallis, a region in the southern hemisphere of Mars. It's an outflow channel 20 km (12.4 miles) wide that extends 1,500 km (932 miles) long, cutting deeply into the terrain. There are many impact craters in the area which have been filled with material from flowing glaciers which have long since disappeared.

Views of Iapetus from Cassini.

NASA released Cassini's photos of Iapetus this week, taken when the spacecraft was within 1.1 million km (684,000 miles) of Saturn's moon. The 1,436 km (892 mile) Moon is famous for its two faces: one hemisphere and the poles are snowy white, while the other side is very dark. You can see many impact craters in the bright areas, and in the transition between the two hemispheres. The string of dots are mountains that may rival some of the tallest mountains on Earth, Io, and maybe even Mars.

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