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Tethys has a density similar to water.

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Tethys has a density similar to water.
Tethys has a density similar to water.

International Space Station Crew Named.

NASA announced that the next crew of the International Space Station will be NASA Astronaut John Phillips and Russian Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev. The crew of Expedition 11 is expected to launch to the station on board a Russian Soyuz rocket in May 2005. Both crewmembers have already visited the station. Phillips came aboard during the 12-day STS-100 mission in 2001 when helped install the Canadarm2. Krikalev was a member of the first crew to man the station, Expedition 1.

Crater Hale on Mars.

This is an image of impact crater Hale, which is located in the Argyle basin in the southern hemisphere of Mars. The photograph was taken by the European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft in June 2004. The crater and surrounding region have been heavily eroded over millions of years by a combination of wind and water. There is even evidence at the bottom of the picture of a network of fluvial channels, which were probably caused by running water.

Saturn's moons, Titan and Tethys.

Cassini's image team has released two new photographs taken by the spacecraft that show two of Saturn's moons in unprecedented detail: Titan and Tethys. The picture of fog enshrouded Titan is actually a mosaic of 9 individual images stitched together that were taken as Cassini approached. The photograph of Tethys is actually in natural colour, and shows how neutral the Moon looks. Tethys has a density similar to water, so scientists believe the Moon is mainly composed of water ice. Cassini will make a much closer approach to Tethys in September 2005.

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