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Lunar samples brought back by the Apollo 11.

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Apollo 11 moon landing.
Lunar samples brought back by the Apollo 11 moon landing mission in 1969.

Earth from Space - Book Review.

You may think that digital cameras are a tad expensive. But place them onboard a satellite and the cost (and camera!) go through the roof. So what does half a billion buy you? Andrew Johnston in his book, Earth from Space, gives the layman's perspective on this by presenting views from remote sensing satellite. The stunning results give a whole new appreciation of the complexity and beauty of the Earth's surface. Whether wonderful works of art or detailed technical disseminations these images capture stunning views of our altogether small world.

Beagle-2 project - Interview with Colin Pillinger.

Professor Colin Pillinger is Head of Planetary & Space Sciences, Open University, and the UK principal investigator on the Beagle-2 project. Colin gained his PhD from the Open University, Wales, in the late 1960s, and became one of the lucky few Britons to work on the lunar samples brought back by the Apollo 11 Moon landing mission in 1969. Recently Colin talked to Richard Pearson about Beagle 2, the potential for life on Mars, and the state of the Beagle program.

Tethys Hangs Under Saturn.

NASA's Cassini spacecraft took this image of Saturn and one of its moons, Tethys. This image was taken on Oct. 18, 2004 when the spacecraft was 3.9 million km (2.4 million miles) away from Tethys, which is only 1,060 km (659 miles) across.

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