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Space - A History of space exploration in Photographs.

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space exploration.
Space - A History of space exploration in Photographs.

Space - A History of space exploration in Photographs: Book Review.

The start of the winter season brings many unpleasant memories, but putting on a favourite, well worn glove helps diminish the spectre of the upcoming season. Andrew Chaikin's book Space - A History of Space exploration in Photographs feels like one of these favourite gloves. Its many photographs engenders a warm, comforting feeling of the fantastic progression we've made. Just like a well worn glove, this book may not have many surprises but reading it can provide a warm feeling of what may be upcoming for humankind in space.

Valles Marineris Canyon system on Mars.

This image is of a region of Mars called Tithonium Chasma, which is at the western end of the enormous Valles Marineris Canyon system. The whole canyon system was created through a combination of geologic factors, including tectonic rifting, water, and wind action, volcanism, and glaciers. The canyon floors have a dark, layered material, which is probably sedimentary material, though it's still under much speculation from scientists. The picture was taken by the European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft.

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