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Earth suffered period of global warming.

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global warming.
Earth suffered a sudden period of global warming.

Details About Return to the Moon.

NASA has unveiled more details about its upcoming series of missions to return humans to the Moon as early as 2018. The new crew vehicle will look very similar to the old Apollo module but it will be three times larger, allowing four astronauts to travel to the Moon at a time. Each ship can be reused 10 times, and NASA hopes to get as many as 2 launches a year, with astronauts spending 4-7 days on the surface. Eventually, once a lunar outpost is built at the southern pole, astronauts will be able to live on the Moon for 6 months at a time.

Temperatures Raised 180 Million Years Ago.

Researchers from Open University have uncovered that the Earth suffered a sudden, severe period of global warming approximately 180 million years ago. During this period, vast quantities of methane gas were released in three huge pulses when underwater stores of gas hydrate melted. This greenhouse gas warmed the Earth by 10 degrees C and resulted in the extinction of many species on land and in the oceans.

Ghostly Spokes in the Rings.

Scientists celebrated this week after finally seeing ghostly spokes in Saturn's rings. These spokes were first discovered by NASA's Voyager spacecraft 25 years ago, but so far, Cassini had failed to image them. These spokes are about 2,500 km long and 100 km wide (2,200 miles by 60 miles), and are believed to be created by Saturn's magnetic field interacting with the rings. scientists thought that the visibility of the spokes depended on the angle of Saturn's rings to the Sun; the less sunlight, the easier it should be to spot the spokes.

Shoreline Found on Titan.

Cassini has taken images of what seems to be an ancient shoreline cutting across Titan's southern hemisphere. The shoreline runs about 1,700 km long by 170 km wide (1,060 miles by 106 miles) and might still have liquid present. There is evidence for networks of channels that feed liquid - most likely liquid hydrocarbons - into this "ocean"; some might come from springs, while others will have to have been fed by rainfall. Cassini's next flyby is set for October 26, 2005.

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