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Lockheed Martin A2100 Satellite.

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Lockheed Martin Satellite.
Lockheed Martin A2100 Satellite that will transmit from 105-degrees.

Genesis Crash: Investigators Focus in On a Potential Cause.

NASA investigators think they might have a potential reason why the Genesis sample return capsule failed to deploy its parachute as it entered the Earth's atmosphere a few weeks ago. It could be that there was a design error with a switch that was supposed to detect when the capsule was decelerating into the atmosphere. It should have deployed the drogue parachute and parafoil, but it failed to do so. The investigation board hasn't ruled out other causes, though, and will probably release its final report in late November.

New Guinea From Space.

This image of the western part of the island of New Guinea was taken by the European Space Agency's Envisat Earth observation satellite from an altitude of 800 km. The photograph was captured on March 20, using its Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS). New Guinea is the second largest island in the world (after Greenland), and contains many unique species of animals. One fifth of the world's distinct languages - 1,100 different tongues - are spoken here by people in different tribes.

Proton Launches AMC-15 Satellite.

A Russian Proton rocket launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome yesterday evening, carrying the AMC-15 broadcast satellite into orbit. The rocket lifted off at 2123 UTC (5:23 pm EDT), and the satellite separated from the Breeze M upper stage about 7 hours later. AMC-15 is a Lockheed Martin A2100 satellite that will transmit from 105-degrees West, and deliver broadcast services to all 50 states.

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