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A time before galaxies, stars, and planets had formed.

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galaxies, stars, and Planets.
A time before galaxies, stars, and planets had formed.

Radio Telescopes Around the World Combine in Real Time.

European and US Astronomers have linked up their radio Telescopes for the first time in real-time, through the Internet. The researchers have created the world's biggest virtual radio telescope by merging observations from instruments in the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, and Puerto Rico. The virtual instrument has a resolution which is 5 times better than the Hubble Space Telescope. The team imaged an object called IRC+10420, a star nearing the end of its life; at some point in the near future it'll explode as a supernova.

NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers Still Turning Up Water Evidence.

Now operating three times longer than originally expected, NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers are still turning up fresh evidence that liquid water once flowed on Mars. Opportunity has found a rock, dubbed "Escher", which has a network of cracks similar to cracked mud when the water has dried up. On the other side of Mars, Spirit is still climbing up the "Columbia Hills", and it seems that every rock it looks at shows evidence that it was altered by water. "We haven't seen a single unaltered volcanic rock, since we crossed the boundary from the plains into the hills, and I'm beginning to suspect we never will," said principal investigator Dr. Steve Squyres.

Cosmologists study the Early Universe.

Researchers from Caltech have looked deep into space to a time when early material in the universe was swirling towards the creation of Galaxy clusters and superclusters. They did their measurements using an instrument in the Chilean Andes called the Cosmic Background Imager (CBI), which looks at the universe when it was only 400,000 years old - a time before galaxies, stars, and planets had formed. By watching the motion of this material as it began forming larger structures, the researchers were able to confirm that Dark matter and Dark energy were having an effect even then.

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