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The most powerful events since the Big Bang.

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The Big Bang.
Scientists have discovered one of the most powerful events since the Big Bang.

Da Vinci Project Pushes Back Launch.

The da Vinci Project, a Canadian team of amateur rocket scientists, has pushed back the launch date of its Wildfire rocket. The Wildfire was originally scheduled to launch on October 2, which would put it only a few days after Scaled Composite's SpaceShipOne makes its launch attempt to win the $10 million X-Prize. The delay was required because the team was still waiting on some key components that they needed to install in the suborbital rocket. It's not known when they'll make their launch attempt.

First Genesis Samples Shipped Out.

NASA scientists picking through the wreckage of Genesis' capsule have shipped off the first sample to the University of California, Berkeley for further analysis. These samples were attached to the interior lid of the capsule - its "lid foils" - and the scientists think they'll be able to recover 75-80% of this material. The next challenge are the four collector arrays which were fairly damaged, but some large pieces have been recovered.

Big Bang Collision in the Universe.

An international team of scientists have discovered one of the most powerful events since the Big Bang: a collision between two Galaxy clusters, which is smashing millions of stars into each other. The Galaxy clusters are colliding like hurricanes, tossing individual Galaxies out into interstellar space, and creating shockwaves more than 100-million degrees hot. Although the cluster, Abell 754, has been known for a long time, the Astronomers used the ESA's XMM-Newton X-Ray Observatory to trace back the interactions and collisions with great detail, and get a much deeper understanding about how the Universe's largest structures are still forming.

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