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Star clusters are groupings of millions of stars.

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Globular star clusters.
Globular star clusters - groupings of millions stars in close formation.

Planets Discovered Around a Young Star.

An Astronomer from the University of Hawaii has captured a detailed image of a dust disk around a new star; structures in the disk show evidence of planets. The photo is of a star called AU Microscopii, which is 33 light-years away, and the closest known star with a visible disk of dust. Dr. Michael Liu used the Infrared capabilities of the giant twin 10 metre (33 feet) Telescopes of the Keck Observatory, and saw clumps in the stellar disk; it should be smooth and featureless if there weren't any planets.

Star Clusters Could Be Galaxy Remnants.

Globular star clusters - groupings of millions stars in close formation - are some of the most beautiful objects in the sky. Our own Milky Way has about 200 of them, but Astronomers believe we used to have many more. Astronomers think that these star clusters might actually be all that remains from irregular dwarf Galaxies were consumed by the Milky Way and had their outer stars stripped away. A team from Harvard and the Carnegie Institute of Washington observed 14 globular clusters in a distant galaxy, and realized that they're so large, they nearly overlap the size of small galaxies, and have many similar characteristics.

Saturn's Active Atmosphere.

This image of Saturn's southern pole was taken by Cassini on July 13, when the spacecraft was 5.1 million km (3.2 million miles) away from the planet. It was taken using a filter sensitive to Infrared light, and shows swirls and fingers of clouds racing around the pole. The dark spot surrounded by concentric rings of clouds marks the south pole.

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