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The most distant galaxies in the universe.

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Galaxies in the Universe.
The most distant Galaxies in the Universe.

Galaxies in the Universe.

NASA has picked 9 ideas out of 26 proposals for further study as part of its Astronomical Search for Origins Program. Among the ideas are: a mission that would survey a billion stars in the galaxy; an Infrared observatory to examine some of the most distant Galaxies in the Universe; an optical-UV replacement to the Hubble Space Telescope; and a mission that would measure the shape of cosmic inflation. Each program will have another 8 months to further develop and refine their concepts, and demonstrate how they can answer the questions: "how did we get here", and "are we alone?"

HiRISE Images of Mars.

NASA scientists are inviting the public to help them inspect images of Mars and find important geologic features hidden in the thousands of photographs in the agency's archives. NASA will be adding a set of surveying tools to their Marsoweb website which allows anyone to navigate around the surface of Mars, and then zoom into any region they like. NASA is hoping people can help them find interesting targets for the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) which will fly on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) in 2005.

Titan Largest Moon of Saturn.

This image of Titan, Saturn's largest moon, was taken on July 3, one day after NASA's Cassini spacecraft made its closest approach. The image shows two thin layers of atmospheric haze that enshroud the Moon (they've been brightened and made purple to enhance their visibility). Cassini used its ultraviolet light filter to take this photograph, as it's sensitive to the small haze particles that make up the atmosphere.

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