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Jupiter and Saturn formed in completely different ways.

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Jupiter and Saturn.
Jupiter and Saturn formed in completely different ways.

Planets Saturn and Jupiter Formed Differently.

It appears that Jupiter and Saturn formed in completely different ways, according to a new computer simulation sponsored by the Los Alamos National Laboratory. If the simulation is correct, heavy elements ended up concentrated at Saturn's heavy core, while they're spread pretty evenly around in Jupiter. This would indicate that a different process built up the two planets. The team ended up running 50,000 different scenarios based on every possible variation permitted by known astrophysics.

New Plan to Move an Asteroid.

The European Space Agency is considering an ambitious new mission that will attempt to move an asteroid. Named Don Quijote, the mission would include two spacecraft: Sancho and Hidalgo, and launch as early as 2010-2015. The Sancho portion would rendezvous with an asteroid, study in in great detail for seven months, and then watch as Hidalgo smashes into it at tremendous speed. The impact would slightly shift the orbit of the asteroid, and give scientists an understanding of how much force would be required to move future space rocks. Five other missions were considered, including three observation, and two rendezvous missions.

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