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Life on Europa - one of Jupiter's moons.

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Europa - Jupiter's moon.

Antarctic - Lake Vostok?

Scientists from Columbia University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have created a detailed map of Lake Vostok, which is buried 3,700 to 4,300 metres beneath the surface of Antarctic ice. They found that the lake is actually broken into two different regions; water probably doesn't flow between them. That means that scientists could find two completely different ecosystems, which have separately evolved to live in this hostile environment. By drilling down and sampling the water of Lake Vostok, scientists will learn important lessons about how to go about determining if there's life on Europa - one of Jupiter's moons which seems to have liquid oceans encased in ice.

Saturn's Southern Atmosphere.

Although Cassini has arrived at Saturn, NASA is still releasing photos it took of the Ringed planet before it arrived. Here's a picture taken on May 22 when the spacecraft was 22 million km (13.7 million miles) away from Saturn. It was taken using a special filter which is sensitive to the emissions and absorption of methane gas, giving scientists a great view of the planet's cloud structures.

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