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Massive galaxies didn't evolve early in the universe.

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Massive Galaxies Universe.
Massive Galaxies didn't evolve early in the Universe.

Massive Galaxies.

New observations from the European Southern Observatory's Very Large telescope at Paranal have disrupted theories that massive Galaxies didn't evolve early in the Universe. Astronomers have found four remote galaxies, which are several times larger than our own Milky Way, which probably formed when the universe was only 2 billion years old. Astronomers previously believed that the largest Galaxies only came together very recently, after billions of years of mergers into larger and larger structures.

Star Magnifies Gravitational Lens Even More.

The Chandra X-Ray Observatory has found a Galaxy which is working as a gravitational lens to provide an incredible view of a distant quasar 11 billion light-years away. Not only that, but a single star in the Galaxy is further magnifying the image, giving Astronomers a look at the very heart of the quasar. This natural lens is so powerful, that it allows Astronomers to see details 50,000 times better than what they could see with Hubble or Chandra. One detail they'll be looking for is how gas flows into the supermassive black hole that powers the quasar.

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