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The star is located 40 light-years away.

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The star is located 40 light-years away.

Ultra Cool Star Measured.

Using a combination of ground and space-based telescopes, an international team of Astronomers have measured the mass of an ultra-cool star and its companion brown dwarf. The star is located 40 light-years away, and contains only 8.5% the mass of the Sun. Its companion brown dwarf is even lighter; only 6% the mass of the Sun. They orbit one another at a distance of only 2.5 times the distance of the Earth and the Sun. Measuring these low mass objects is difficult because there's no relation between their size and brightness. But in a binary system like this, Astronomers can determine their mass by measuring how the objects interact with each other.

Cassini Passes Saturn's Moon Phoebe.

Cassini made its closest approach to Saturn's Moon Phoebe on June 11, and the pictures are in. This photo is a skyline view of Phoebe that shows how the darker surface has been swept away in some areas to reveal the brighter material underneath. scientists will be analyzing these pictures for years to try and understand the mechanism at work here. The large crater in this picture is 45 km (28 miles) in diameter, and the rim shows the greatest amount of this streaking.

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