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Found evidence of past life in a meteorite from Mars in 1996.

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Meteorite from Mars.
Found evidence of past life in a meteorite from Mars in 1996.

Comm Check Book Review.

Just a little more than a year ago, the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated on re-entry thus bringing the second calamity to the shuttle fleet. A lot has been written regarding this event and, of course, the CAIB has completed its review of what happened, but the personal touch brought forward by Michael Cabbage and William Harwood in Comm check... The Final Flight of Shuttle Columbia is a worthwhile addition. Their chronological narrative takes the reader on a sad and inciteful journey of the hopes, dreams and hard reality that make up a space mission.

Life in Martian Meteorite.

When scientists announced that they had found evidence of past life in a meteorite from Mars in 1996, it set off a controversy that has been going back and forth even now. The latest research, published in the journal American Mineralogist casts doubt that it's life that was in the space rock. The original discoverers believed that magnetite in the rock was formed by bacteria, but this new paper shows that it can also be caused by an inorganic process, which can be duplicated in the laboratory when iron-bearing carbonates decompose under high heat (such as atmospheric reentry).

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