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Gravity Probe B spacecraft seems to be working fine.

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Gravity Probe B spacecraft.
Gravity Probe B spacecraft, and everything seems to be working fine.

Gravity Probe B is Working Fine.

NASA has checked out its recently launched Gravity Probe B spacecraft, and everything seems to be working fine. The solar panels are producing enough power to run all of its electrical systems, and its communications systems are talking to operators on the ground. All four gyro suspension systems have been activated, and the gyros are now being prepared to gather scientific data. If all goes well, the spacecraft should confirm two predictions that Einstein made about general relativity: how the Earth bends space and time around it, and how it drags space and time as it rotates.

Arctic Ice Formation is More Complex Than Previously Thought.

New observations show that Arctic sea ice isn't completely static; it undergoes back and forth motions twice a day, no matter how cold the weather gets. Researchers used Canada's RADARSAT Earth observation satellite to image the Arctic region up to five times a day. It found that the ice moved back and forth during a 12-hour cycle, caused by the Earth's rotation. This movement could create increased ice formation as the icepack thins, and prevent depletion of the icecaps.

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