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Mars rovers are starting to generate less power.

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Mars rovers.
Mars rovers are starting to generate less power.

Rovers Losing Power as Mars Heads Towards Winter.

The Mars rovers are starting to generate less power these days because Mars is starting to slip into Winter. In order to compensate for the reduced amount of light falling on the rovers' solar panels, engineers have begun a new lower-power communications plan. The rovers will only receive information in the morning, and transmit through Mars Odyssey twice a day. The rovers will also take more naps during the day to conserve battery power.

Rosetta Launch Delayed By Weather.

The launch of the European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft was delayed for 24-hours because of high winds at the launch site at Kourou, French Guiana. The Ariane 5 rocket is now due to lift off on Friday morning at 0736 UTC (2:36 am EST). Rosetta has a launch instant, not a launch window. This means that it has to get off the launch pad within a few seconds, or it needs to be delayed for a full day. The spacecraft has until May 17 to fly in order to reach Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko by 2014; otherwise, controllers will need to choose a new target.

Winking Star Turns Out to Be a Binary System.

Astronomers have spent the last five years trying to explain a strange star called KH 15D, which winks on an off, sometimes with eclipses that last 24 hours. One theory is that there was a blob of protoplanetary material orbiting the star, occasionally blocking our view. By looking into historical images of the object, Astronomers think they might have a new scenario that better explains their observations. They think it could be a double star system with a disk of material surrounding it and rotating with a wobble. This would explain the unusual eclipses.

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