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A massive explosion on the surface of the neutron star.

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neutron star.
A massive explosion on the surface of the neutron star.

Scientists Watch an Explosion on a Neutron Star.

Canadian and NASA scientists have captured details of swirling gas as it hovers above the surface of a Neutron star. A massive explosion on the surface of the neutron star illuminated the material long enough for scientists to see normally hidden details, such as its accretion disk - a ring of gas swirling around and into the Neutron star. The binary pair is located 25,000 light-years from Earth, and it was tracked by NASA's Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer.

NASA Awards Research Grants to Support Space Flight.

NASA announced today that it has chosen 22 researchers to receive up to four year grants to conduct research into advanced human support technologies. The goal of this research will be to help humans achieve the goal of long-duration space flight, both in low Earth orbit as well as exploration of the solar system. NASA received 122 proposals when it originally announced the grants back in March 2003, and these were peer reviewed by scientific and technical experts before the final 22 projects were selected.

Europe's Plan to Search for Life on Mars.

The European Space Agency has selected two teams to carry out the detailed design of the ExoMars rover and its suite of scientific experiments to search evidence of life on Mars. The two teams - Astrium UK and MD Robotics - will develop their plans in parallel to create detailed design concepts for the rover. The final rover should be able to roam around the surface of Mars, dig or drill below the surface, and detect current or past evidence of life. If all goes well, the spacecraft will launch in 2009.

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