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Spacecraft to visit International Space Station.

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Spacecraft to visit the station since.
This is the first spacecraft to visit the station since.

Progress Docks with International Space Station.

An unmanned Russian Progress cargo ship docked with the International Space Station on Saturday, delivering over two tones of food, water, fuel, supplies and scientific equipment. Progress 13 automatically docked to the Zvezda Service Module at 1313 UTC (8:13am EST) Saturday afternoon. This is the first spacecraft to visit the station since Astronaut Michael Foale and cosmonaut Alexander Kaleri were launched more than 100 days ago.

Opportunity Rolls Off the Lander.

NASA's Opportunity rover successfully rolled off its lander today and out onto the Martian surface - both rovers are now firmly on Martian soil. The commands to drive were given Saturday morning, and cheers erupted at JPL when the first images came back showing tracks in the dust back to the lander. "We're two for two! One dozen wheels on the soil." JPL's Chris Lewicki, flight director, announced to the control room. The flight team ended up only requiring seven days to get Opportunity off the lander, compared to twelve days for Spirit.

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