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White Dwarf used to be a Red Giant star.

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White Dwarf.
The White Dwarf used to be a Red Giant star many times larger than our own Sun.

James Cameron's Plans for Mars.

Filmmaker James Cameron (Titanic, Aliens) is an advocate for human missions to Mars, and feels that quality images will go a long way to help boost the public's enthusiasm for space. While working on a book, miniseries and possible 3-D movie, Cameron did a tremendous amount of research looking through NASA material, and produced a series of images that might help showcase what the key phases and hardware of a human mission to Mars might look like.

Stars Can Survive Being Engulfed.

New data gathered by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory shows how stars can be more durable than previously thought. Astronomers measured the light from an object called V471, which is believed to be a White Dwarf and Sun-like star orbiting one another very tightly. The White Dwarf used to be a red giant star many times larger than our own Sun which blew up so large the Sun-like star was completely engulfed, but it actually survived the ordeal; it bears the unique signature of material that it accreted while it was inside the giant's envelope.

NASA's Spirit rover is On the Mend.

NASA's Spirit rover has gotten back to work sending pictures back to Earth, now that engineers have worked through most of the problems that plagued the rover over the last week. Spirit took a picture of its robotic arm, extended out towards a rock, to show that it was still in the same position when the glitches occurred. On the other side of the planet, Opportunity's landing platform was tilted forward to prepare for the rover's exit on Sunday or Monday.

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