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A Chinese and US Astronomer have discovered a young star.

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Chinese and US Astronomer.
Chinese and US Astronomer have discovered a young star.

Engineers Struggle to Reestablish Link to Spirit.

NASA engineers have been working overtime to reestablish communications with the Spirit rover after it mysteriously stopped talking to mission control on Wednesday just before it executed an experiment to grind a few millimeters into a rock. They did receive a reassuring confirmation on Thursday that Spirit was receiving transmissions from Earth; although, it hasn't sent any data back yet. The engineers aren't sure what caused the problem, but since they did get that confirmation, it's probably not in the power system, radio, transmitter or some software. A very slow communications link was established on Friday morning, but it's still unclear exactly what's wrong or if it's repairable.

Stellar Nursary in the Rosette Nebula.

A Chinese and US Astronomer have discovered a young star at the heart of the Rosette Nebula that is ejecting a complex jet of material with knots and bow shocks. Normally these stars are hidden from the view of optical Telescopes by the surrounding nebula, but severe ultraviolet radiation from nearby massive stars has cleared out the area. This gives Astronomers have a rare opportunity to study how a young star like this forms. The Rosette Nebula is located 1,500 light-years away in the constellation of Monoceros.

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