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Early phase in the Universe.

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Early phase in the evolution of the Universe.

Spirit Gets Ready to Explore.

With Spirit safely on the surface of Mars, engineers at NASA are starting to get a sense of the environment around it. So far, it looks like the rover couldn't have landed in a better spot. The platform holding the rover is only tilted a few degrees, and there are no large rocks blocking the ramps. The terrain has lots of rocks to examine, but they're well spaced out, which should let Spirit travel at a fairly high speed across the ground. Spirit will remain on the landing platform for another nine days or so before it ventures out onto search the area for evidence of past water.

Why Does the Early Universe Look So Mature?.

Until now, Astronomers haven't been able to find a lot of data about what happened at an early phase in the evolution of the Universe, when it's thought that the stars were formed. But new research, performed by Astronomers using the Gemini observatory in Chile, has revealed several Galaxies 8 to 11 billion years ago which are more fully formed than expected. They thought they would see protogalaxies crashing into each other, but instead they found very mature galaxies. Its possible that black holes were much more common in the early universe and served as anchors to form Galaxies rapidly.

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