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Climate change and ozone depletion.

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Implications for Climate change and ozone depletion.
Implications for Climate change and ozone depletion.

Water Map of the Atmosphere.

Dec 5, 2003 One aspect of the Earth's climate, the distribution of water vapour, might have significant implications for Climate change and ozone depletion. To understand its significance, NASA scientists are using special aircraft to build a detailed map of how water vapour moves around in the atmosphere, from the surface of the Earth up to an altitude of 40 km, where the air completely dries out. They were able to tell which vapour was created at high altitudes and which was moved up by air currents.

Force on Asteroids Measured for the First Time.

Dec 5, 2003 NASA scientists have measured a tiny force for the first time which is known to act on asteroids; subtly changing their orbits and speed of rotation. The force, called the Yarkovsky Effect, is produced by the way an asteroid absorbs energy from the Sun, and then radiates it back into space as heat - the force is tiny, only a few grams, but over time it can make a significant change. asteroid 6489 has been tracked by Astronomers since 1991, and they've found that it's shifted its orbit 15 km since then.

235 Days to Saturn.

Dec 5, 2003 NASA's Cassini spacecraft is on final approach to Saturn, and so far, the view is just getting better and better. The Saturn-bound spacecraft captured this photograph of the Ringed planet on November 9th at a distance of 114 million km. The smallest features visible are 668 kilometres across, so the resolution is going to get much better as it gets closer. Five of the planet's many moons can also be seen in this photograph (they were digitally enhanced to be easier to see). Cassini will finally arrive at Saturn on July 1, 2004.

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