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Planetary system around Vega.

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Discovered a planetary system around Vega.
Discovered a planetary system around Vega.

Japanese Rocket Destroyed Shortly After Launch.

Dec 1, 2003 The Japanese space program suffered a setback on Saturday when a booster failed to detach from an H2-A rocket.

Operators forced the rocket to self destruct, as it wouldn't be able to reach its intended orbit with the additional weight of the booster.

Planets Around Vega.

Dec 1, 2003 Astronomers from the Particle physics and astronomy Research Council believe they've discovered a planetary system around Vega, one of the brightest stars in the sky. Not only that, the star system seems remarkably similar to our own Solar System. So far, they've found evidence for a Neptune-sized planet in the same orbit as our own Neptune. This means there could be smaller, rocky planets closer in to the star.

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