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Universe seems to be accelerating apart.

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Discovery that the Universe seems to be accelerating apart.
Discovery that the Universe seems to be accelerating apart.

Fundamental Force of Nature Has Changed Over Time?

Nov 25, 2003 Physicists from Northeastern University believe that a fundamental force of nature, the bond between electrons and protons, has been strengthening since the Big Bang. In fact, they believe it might have been 200,000 times weaker ten billion years ago - and this could mirror the discovery that the universe seems to be accelerating apart. They've based their research on the light from quasars ten billion light-years away. This theory is very controversial; however, as another experiment has demonstrated that the strength of the bond hasn't changed in at least two billion years.

Pluto Mission Will Study Jupiter Too.

Nov 25, 2003 Although the main goal of the NASA's New Horizons mission will be to send a spacecraft to Pluto, the mission designers figure they can examine Jupiter on the way out as well - and get a valuable gravity boost that would shave years off the mission. If all goes as planned, New Horizons would launch in 2006, and pass Jupiter in early 2007 (probably three times closer than Cassini did in 2000); it will reach the Pluto-Charon system in 2015. After Pluto, New Horizons would then be re-targeted to fly past a Kuiper belt Object.

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