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Sun formed around older Neutron stars.

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The Sun.
The Sun formed around older Neutron stars.

Is Iron Causing All the Flares?.

Space scientist Dr. Olivier Manuel from the University of Missouri-Rolla believes that the Sun's core is mostly iron and not Hydrogen as most Astronomers believe; and this could help to explain how solar flares occur. Dr. Manuel's highly controversial theory proposes that stars like the Sun formed around older Neutron stars, and flares are caused by the magnetic interaction between the core and the rest of the star. He believes that trace elements found in meteorites and the clouds of Jupiter support this theory.

Gravity Probe B Launch Delayed.

NASA has decided to push back the launch of its mission to test Einstein's theory of general relativity, gravity Probe B, until December 6. During recent tests, engineers noticed electronic noise coming from the sensor attached to one of the spacecraft's gyros, so they've extended the launch date to find time to fix it. Once it does launch, Gravity Probe B will detect any distortions on its four spinning gyroscopes to detect the Earth's distortion of Spacetime around it - as predicted by Einstein.

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