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Largest explosions in the Universe.

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Gamma-ray bursts.
Gamma-ray bursts are some of the largest explosions in the Universe.

European Southern Observatory.

Gamma-ray bursts are some of the largest explosions in the Universe; one can generate more energy in a few seconds than the Sun creates in 10 billion years. It's believed they're caused when a super-massive star collapses, called a hypernova. Astronomers from the European Southern Observatory tracked the afterglow of a recent burst by using a technique called polarimetry, which lets them track the shape of the explosion. If it was a spherical explosion, the light would have random polarity, but they found that gas is flowing out in jets which are widening over time.

Ancient Rivers Lasted a While on Mars.

NASA's Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft has revealed new features on Mars that look like ancient river deltas. This discovery might help answer the mystery of how long water flowed on the surface of the Red Planet. The shape of this formation suggests that a river flowed into a body of water for quite a while, changing its course and building up layers of sediment over time. The area is about 13 km long and 11 km wide, and located in a crater in the southern hemisphere.

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