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Earth observation camera.

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Earth observation camera.
The default Satellite will come with an Earth observation camera.

Spacedev Puts a Satellite Up for Sale on eBay.

Satellite manufacturer SpaceDev announced today that it has put a satellite up for sale on the Internet auction site eBay. The high bidder will win a spacecraft built by SpaceDev, or an interested party can just "Buy it Now" for $9.5 million USD. The auction begins on Monday, November 10 and ends 10 days later. The default satellite will come with an Earth observation camera, but the winning bidder can supply additional payloads, name the satellite, and attend the launch.

Gamma Ray Map of the Milky Way.

The European Space Agency's Integral gamma-ray observatory has produced a new map of the Milky Way in the gamma-ray spectrum. Integral is looking for traces of radioactive aluminum, which gives off gamma rays with a specific wavelength. But the question is, what's producing all this aluminum? Some Astronomers believe these could be created by specific objects in the Milky Way, like red giant stars or hot blue stars. Another possibility is that it's produced as part of supernova explosions. Integral will help get to the bottom of this mystery.

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