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SOHO spacecraft spotted coronal mass ejection.

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SOHO spacecraft spotted the third largest coronal mass ejection.
SOHO spacecraft spotted the third largest coronal mass ejection.

Entanglement - Book Review.

Oct 28, 2003 Entanglement is the unusual behavior of elementary particles where they become linked so that when something happens to one, something happens to the other; no matter what the distance. Two entangled particles could be separated by the entire distance of the universe and yet they can still communicate instantly with each other. Confused? Well, you're in good company - this stuff is hard, and weird, and it defies common sense. In his latest book, "Entanglement", Amir D. Aczel hopes to shed some light on this puzzling behavior.

SOHO Spots a Giant Solar Flare.

Oct 28, 2003 NASA/ESA's SOHO spacecraft spotted the third largest coronal mass ejection (CME) ever seen, which exploded from a Sunspot early Tuesday. The CME was an X17.2 category flare, and hurled material directly towards the Earth; it's expected to reach us in about a day; the aurorae should be spectacular and visible even from middle latitudes. High energy particles from the Sun could disrupt satellite communications, and astronauts on the space station will take extra precautions to stay safe.

Sloan Builds 3D Map of the Universe.

Oct 28, 2003 Astronomers from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey have gathered data to build a precise 3-dimensional map that details the clusters of Galaxies and dark matter. The map includes images of 200,000 Galaxies up to 2 billion light-years away, accounting for six percent of the sky. The SDSS team - 200 Astronomers in 13 countries - measured the universe to contain 70% Dark energy (a mysterious force that repels Galaxies apart), 25% dark matter, and 5% normal matter.

Expedition 7 Returns Safely to Earth.

Oct 28, 2003 The crew of Expedition 7 returned safely to Earth Monday afternoon after spending six months in orbit on the International Space Station. Fortunately their Soyuz didn't run into the same computer problems as the previous one, so they landed roughly on target in the steppes of Kazakhstan. Doctors were on hand in case there was a problem, but they gave Ed Lu, Yuri Malenchenko, and Pedro Duque a clean bill of health. Expedition 8, Michael Foale and Alexander Kaleri will now take over command of the station for the next six months.

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